Inverness area map.

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Inverness, Culloden, Beauly map              

Inverness area map

Inverness is a vibrant city located in the Scottish Highlands, on the banks of the River Ness. It is often referred to as the “Capital of the Highlands” and serves as the administrative and cultural center of the region.

Inverness is renowned for its rich history and picturesque setting. The city is home to Inverness Castle, an imposing structure that overlooks the river, and Inverness Cathedral, an impressive Gothic-style building. Visitors can also explore the historic Old Town, with its quaint streets, Victorian architecture, and a range of shops, restaurants, and pubs.

One of the main attractions in Inverness is Loch Ness, a large freshwater lake famous for the mythical Loch Ness Monster, also known as Nessie. Visitors can take a boat trip on the loch or explore the surrounding area, which offers stunning scenery and opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling.

Inverness is also a great base for exploring the wider Highlands region, with easy access to beautiful landscapes, ancient castles, and distilleries producing world-famous Scotch whisky.

With its blend of history, natural beauty, and Scottish charm, Inverness offers visitors a memorable experience in the heart of the Highlands.